PhaseRings 1.1 released today!

10 Apr 2015

PhaseRings 1.1 has just gone live in the App Store!

This version introduces the most requested features - AudioBus and Inter-App Audio support - as well as some finer control over the sounds, and scales that are displayed.

There’s now options in the settings menu for volume, reverb volume and a switch to turn all FX off if you’re using other apps for effects and options to enable MIDI control as well as MIDI out. The “Custom Composition” settings now have their own menu.

The synth backend has also had a few tweaks to increase volume - handy when you’re using a big Audiobus signal chain!

Thanks to all the testers and enthusiasts in the iOS music community for the help and inspiration! You guys are awesome.

For more information, check out the PhaseRings page.

Coming soon: a walkthrough video and FAQ of the app’s features!