Gesture Study No. 1

11 Nov 2014

Gesture Study #1 is an open-ended exploration of touch-screen gestures for an iPad ensemble of flexible size. The first notated iPad work written for Ensemble Metatone, it was premiered at the You Are Here festival, Canberra in March 2014 with an expanded ensemble of seven players.

Performance Notes:


Approximate pitches are given around the three lines (high, middle, and low). You might like to advance setup at each rehearsal mark. If using, Metatone Classifier the setups should advance automatically in response to the different gestures.


For swirls, the speed of the swirling changes the dynamics. For taps, you can play more loudly with a broader touch point (try finger tips for quiet, flat fingers for loud). For more dynamic contrast, try using the iPad volume control.


The iPad parts are written with three articulations to represent three touch-screen gestures. Staccato denotes a short tap, tenuto denotes a swipe for the duration of the note and a circle denotes a continuous swirling gesture. Where swirled notes coincide with tapped notes, one hand should swirl while the other hand taps.