MetaLonsdale in action.


MetaLonsdale is available for free in the iTunes app store!

About the app:

Metatone Lonsdale is a collaborative musical instrument created for a performance at Everything Nothing Projects at Lonsdale St Traders in Canberra, Australia. Tapping and swiping the screen controls sounds sampled from the venue as well as an array of percussive sounds. Switches control a “looping” function and an autoplay feature that triggers clusters of quiet sounds. The sounds and tonality of the instrument can be shuffled by pressing the “sounds” button

When multiple devices running Metatone Lonsdale are on the same wifi network, the apps find each other automatically and control each others’ tonality, looping and autoplay switches.


Performances with Metalonsdale

MetaLonsdale performed by Ensemble Metatone at the ANU School of Music, Canberra in August 2014. This recording was later released as the group’s self-titled debut album on Bandcamp. The track notes read:

First created for a gallery opening in Canberra’s “Lonsdale St Traders”, the app-instrument for MetaLonsdale blends field recordings from the area’s cafés and shops with the textures of tuned percussion. While the four players improvise their parts, network connections between the iPads challenge their instincts by changing the sounds and effects under their fingers while matching their harmonic structure.

Charles Martin - iPad, percussion, and instrument design Christina Hopgood - iPad and percussion Jonathan Griffiths - iPad and percussion Yvonne Lam - iPad and percussion