BirdsNest in action.


BirdsNest is an iPad-instrument recalling the forest sounds of a Northern Swedish summer. Tap and slide to make music with bird calls, percussion sounds, and field recordings and have fun with the built in “auto-play” and looping features.

Metatone Apps on a network will automatically find each other and keep their scales in sync to help perform great improvised music with an ensemble! Every time you press “sounds” or switch one of the functions on or off there’s a chance that your action will be mirrored in the other iPads in the group!

Available now for free on the iTunes App Store!

BirdsNest in Action!

Improvisation for percussion instruments and BirdsNest apps by Ensemble Evolution (Charles Martin, Maria Finkelmeier, and Jacob Remington) at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention 2013 in Indianapolis, USA. Special thanks to Grover Pro Percussion for the beautiful instruments we used in that performance!