Metatone apps are mobile computer-musical instruments inspired by the world of contemporary percussion. Just tap and swipe to start creating your own percussive soundscape!

PhaseRings App in action


The Metatone Apps

There are currently four Metatone apps available for free in the iTunes App Store. While each app is a self contained musical instrument they share a touch-interface inspired by simple interactions with percussion instruments. Tap to play a short note - swipe to create a continuous sound. Each app contains a palette of sounds for creating a specific kind of soundscape, from the snow and ice in Northern Sweden to a Canberra café. Click on the app pages above for more information.


Ensemble Metatone plays improvised and experimental music using Charles Martin’s iPad-instruments and percussion. Recorded live in Canberra at the ANU School of Music 2013-08-03, this concert followed a series of rehearsals-as-research where the performers thoroughly explored two iPad app-instruments through improvised performance.

In these contemplative works, the group performs on iPads with a vocabulary of touch-gestures inspired by their percussive backgrounds and, conversely, uses acoustic percussion instruments to mimic and augment the apps’ sound-palettes.


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